About MFI

McMahan's Flooring, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Brandon McMahan. We are a family-owned business focused in the multi-family area of the flooring industry. We provide flooring for the entire Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, Sherman, Waco, Tyler, Longview, Austin, San Marcos, and the Houston Metroplex.

Brandon has been in flooring or associated with the flooring industry for most of his life. He learned from one of the best in our business, and he strives each day to deliver the best service with quality and value in mind.

He found in his past experience that opening his own company would allow him the ability to service customers with a higher expectation to detail, workmanship, and excellence.

From the company's inception, Brandon and the McMahan Team have been focused on building a strong company based on three simple practices:

  • Provide first-class experiences for our customers
  • Infuse high expectations internally with customer-centered practices and procedures
  • Inspect what we expect each and every day!

You won't find any other flooring company that is more passionate about exceeding these simple practices each day.